How it Works

Steps to Set Up Your Self Directed IRA LLC

When you place your order for the IRA Optimizer™ we will assign your order to a dedicated customer service representative who will contact you to go over the information you have provided and answer any questions you may have.

  • We will establish a client account for you on our site.
  • We will send you your login credentials.

Your Client Account will be used to communicate with us and as a secure location for all documents.

We will then prepare and file the Articles of Organization for your LLC with the state you have selected.

Upon approval of your LLC by the state we will:

  • Obtain the EIN from the Internal Revenue Service – You will need an EIN/TIN  to open a local bank account for your LLC at a bank of your choice. We need your SS# in order to obtain the EIN/TIN.
  • Order the LLC Record Book – The LLC Record Book is a binder that contains all of your LLC paperwork (i.e. Copy of the Articles of Organization, Membership certificates, etc.).
  • Prepare the IRA LLC Operating Agreement – The IRA LLC Operating Agreement specifies by and how your Self Directed IRA LLC will be managed. It is the most important document in your LLC.


If your IRA funds are currently held by a custodian that does not allow you to make alternative investments, such as an  IRA LLC, you will need to move your funds to a Custodian that does allow those investments.

Most banks and brokerage companies, even though they advertise “Self Directed IRA”, will only allow you to purchase investment products that they provide.

Your representative will go over custodian requirements when they contact you. We can provide you with several reputable and economical custodians. We have no financial relationship with any custodian. We provide this a service to our clients.

Once your IRA LLC setup has been completed and your funds are at a Custodian that allows truly self directed IRA’s you will then instruct the Custodian to invest in your IRA LLC.

The Custodian will send you a check payable to the IRA LLC.

You will use this check to open a local bank account for the IRA LLC at a bank of your choice.

You as Manager of the IRA LLC now have full control of your funds and investments.

I wanted to write a review of my experience with Tom as I too rely on reviews from others whenever making these types of decisions.

I have been extremely pleased with the service Tom has provided and I’m writing this review 1 year after hiring Tom.

I did plenty of research prior to selecting a provider and I chose Tom as he was very straight forward, knowledgeable, and not the least bit “salesy”.

Tom was very efficient in helping me set up my self directed IRA LLC and made the process very simple for me with the step by step instructions provided.

Additionally, and most importantly, he is very accessible and to this day, he always makes time to answer any questions that continue to come up.

I would certainly recommend Tom and his services to anybody in need.

Pablo Del Castillo

Fruit Heights, UT